Internet expirience

Know2Buy is offered by members of CNET Content Solutions R&D, who created a unique and complex company's content management and online distribution systems. CNET Content Solutions is #1 company in the world offering IT product data for e-catalogs, e-talliers, distributes big e-shops etc. We created many demos for big companies, explaining how they can use structured product data in the Internet.

Usability Testing

Initium Ltd. uses usability analysis and testing methods to build state of the art, but simple and practical user interfaces. It was proof that people from age 6 up to 75 can use kiosk optimized user interfaces with ease. There are more than 150 kiosks across the glob which are used by different people on daily basis.

Technology integration

In efficient interactive solution, technology is only one factor of many. Usually, we fill the gap between rich user experience in the Internet and real life. But the best result can be achieved only when we use human driven services with rich technologies and this is what we do and thus this is our main competitive advantage.


Know2Buy Screenshots

We collect several possible screenshots of Know2Buy product setup for baby shop. Based on screenshots you might get impression about the product.

But if you need more details you can order a presentation at your office Рcontact us today!


About Us

Liatoss Sarl - your technology hub, in cooperation with Initium Ltd., offer on the Swiss market new and unique e-catalog interactive solution for retail businesses. Liatoss Sarl offers "before" and "after" sale support, manufacture, prepare and sell interactive equipment from world wide vendors. Initium Ltd. develops and evolves the smart retail platform.

The use of Interactive kiosks in Retail business increases monthly revenue fees in 10-15%.

Platform Vendor

Initium Ltd.
Business Center "Rumyncevo"
142784 Moscow City
Russian Federation
P: +7 (495) 847.69.80

Swiss Integrator

Liatoss Sarl
Ch. Vert 9 c/o Appoint Conseils
1804 Corsier-sur-Vevey
P: +41 (21) 552.07.20